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    Upcoming Update


    It won't let my followers on my blog sign up???

    Hi there,
    Well that's not good.
    I tested signing up to your forum just now. Everything worked as intended.
    My browser is the latest version of Chrome (desktop).
    Could you tell me:
    1. The address (URL) where you tried to sign up,
    2. Did you use a desktop or mobile device and
    3. The browser you used?
    Thank you.
    Here's also your related post from another topic:
    "When I go to "sign up" as a user, I put in my e-mail address from another account, password and new user name. I hit enter and an error message pops up saying there is a hiccup try back again soon. I have been trying for 2 hours now. As myself on my own blog using my blog name I can start a new topic and it is fine. Just signing up as someone else on another computer isn't working."

    Previous comments not showing under posts

    Hi there,
    Thank you so much for this elaborate feedback!
    I agree that we need to make Bublaa and WordPress work more closely together.
    I'm glad to say that we have already discussed about importing, exporting and SSO. Out of these three, it is safe to say that SSO will be released first.
    I will be sure to continue the discussion here when we learn more.


    I'm sorry to hear that there has been confusion. 
    On top of providing tools for installing a discussion forum on your website, Bublaa is also a network of communities. You can read more about the whole package here:
    I can understand that it might be a bit confusing that the verification email brings you to bublaa.com and not to your own domain.
    I will be glad to discuss your thoughts with our developers. Do feel encouraged to share any other comments or questions you might have about this. It helps us to make Bublaa better.
    Oh, something else that might interest you. We are releasing a major product update next week (our latest estimate). This update will make Bublaa's interface a lot better and simpler both on your website and bublaa.com. This will most likely already get rid of some of the confusion.
    Thank you.


    Hi there,
    Have you checked your email?
    We discussed this via email yesterday.

    Display height of forum is too short

    I had to teach myself css and edit the height.  Took me a long time but i figured it out.

    Top buttons covered by Themes menu bar

    Would it be possible for you to share a link to the forum page on your website?
    Thanks! :)

    Wordpress user login needed

    Ok thanks for the reply! I really hope you will make it public soon, my audience will be happy ;-) CIAO!

    Any idea on when we are going to get sub-forums?

    okay thank you for yoyr quick reply.
    open for anyone to join everyone can see what's inside the forum

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